Human Resources

While providing health services in our hospital, innovative approach and current technologies are brought together. We move from the point that our most valuable asset is human, and this point of view also forms the basis of our human resources policy.

The basic principle of Private Doğu Anadolu Hospital's selection and placement system; To employ educated and professional human resources who will be able to adopt and implement the philosophy, vision, mission and principles of the establishment of Private Doğu Anadolu Hospital at the right time, in the right place, with the appropriate competencies, will develop itself, its team and the health institution, follow and implement the developments in technology.

In addition to having the characteristics suitable for the technical requirements of the job, attention is paid to the fact that the candidates are versatile, open to learning and innovation, successful in human relations and have initiative.

Since we work in the health sector, we serve with a "patient satisfaction" focused working system. In this context, it is a must to have an employee potential that aims to exceed the expectations of our patients.
First of all, people who are devoted to their work, who have high communication skills, who can empathize, who are effective in teamwork and taking initiative, and who are also experts in their work are included in our potential employee list.

Private Doğu Anadolu Hospital physician and personnel recruitment processes are carried out by the Human Resources Directorate of our hospital. We do not work with any national or international intermediary institution. If you send your CV to our email address insankaynaklari@anadoluhastanesi.com.tr, it will be reviewed by our human resources department and sent to you if appropriate.